Conservation of Pollinator Habitat

We fund and provide resources to create pollinator gardens in your local area. We also purchase land to create or maintain pollinator habitat in the United States of America.

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Treatment Free Beekeeping

We promote keeping bees without treatments: Anything done in the hive, or introduced by the beekeeper into the hive with the intent of killing, repelling, or inhibiting a pest or disease afflicting the bees, or in any way “helping” the bees to survive when they ought to be surviving on their own.

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We provide beginner/intermediate/advanced beekeeping courses, seminars, and workshops. We also fund the creation of podcasts, videos, and the publication of books pertaining to treatment free beekeeping and establishing polinator habitat.

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Creating stronger bees

One of our goals is to give out 100 beehives to members of your local community that would like to start keeping bees.

Habitat Honey believes that we can create stronger bees in your local area by promoting treatment free beekeeping. This is a more hands off approach than traditional methods. It requires nothing more from you than a suitable location for your new hive. We will install the bees for you, and if you want to be completely hands off we can maintain the hive and even harvest the honey for you.

We also have a goal of creating 1,000,000 acres of pollinator habitat. This is done in two ways.

  • Funding pollinator gardens in your local community.
  • Purchasing raw land and creating native pollinator habitat.



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